Aerial photo of JMH Trailers


JMH Trailers Inc. was founded in 1966 and has repaired and manufactured dump trailers and related truck and trailer parts since the day the doors opened. JMH Trailers has continued to grow for over 50 years.

Quality Products and Parts

The goal and mission of JMH since day one is to provide the best quality products and service. The trailers and bodies produced by JMH are built to last for 10 or more years, compared to a 3-5 year life of many light weight trailers. In addition to the unsurpassed quality of JMH built trailers and bodies, there is seldom more than 500 lbs. difference in weight of a JMH Trailer when compared to other trailers.

Due to a high demand for many of our truck and trailer parts, JMH Trailers has made the very same high quality parts available to the public. Now you can purchase air valves and fittings, tarp systems and parts, hydraulic lines, brake lines, truck and trailer body parts, PTO’s, suspension parts, tailgate parts and hundreds of other truck and trailer parts. You know if JMH Trailers sells it, you are buying quality. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Professional Staff

JMH Trailers Inc. maintains a well-trained staff in its truck and trailer repair department. Nearly all repairs are done “in house.” This includes frame, body and side straightening. The JMH repair staff is qualified to handle any repair or modification to a dump trailer or body. This includes: 2-way gates, water seals, pintle hooks, all types of wet lines, 5th wheel plate replacement, floorliners, tarp systems and more! The JMH repair staff is also equipped to handle walking floor trailers and sanitation equipment.


JMH maintains a complete metal parts fabrication shop and makes nearly all of the parts required. JMH can also custom fabricate parts for the “do-it-yourselfer.” JMH can fabricate custom tarp bows, sideposts, floor sheets, sidesheets, tailgates and more.

JMH Trailers offers state of the art High Definition Plasma metal cutting services featuring Messer M G Systems & Welding Inc.’s Metal Master Plus. We can custom cut metal parts from your drawings and ship them to nearly anywhere for less cost than many can fabricate them in-house.

JMH maintains a full-service heavy duty paint service shop featuring DuPont paints. The JMH staff is equipped to do truck and trailer sandblasting and minor, light metal and fiberglass repairs. All standard paint jobs include: 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint.